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Welcome to George Somerville Original Artwork Page ~ Commissions Available


Delightful portraits of everyday life in  Glasgow during the 1950's. George's simplistic approach to the subject makes his work so desirable and totally collectable. Scruffy the dog features in a lot of his work.

Ltd Editions  

Originals Currently in Stock and Available by George
Hard Worker and his faithful friend A Sudden Gust ~ Original Get on Your Bike ~ Original
Original Pencil 10 x 10" Framed £SOLD 9 x 9" Framed £SOLD 9 x 9" Framed £SOLD
It Just Goes on and On ~ Original Sketch Two Hearts are better than one Our Daily Lives ~ Original
12 x 12" Framed £SOLD Original Pencil 10 x 10" Framed £SOLD 24 x 12" Framed £SOLD
Strong Men, Stronger Women Salt of the Earth ~ Original Early Morning ~ Original
11 x 11" Framed £SOLD 16 x 12" Framed £SOLD 40 x 30 Canvas Framed £SOLD
  Forever and a Day ~ Original Watercolour Waltzing Matilda ~ Original Watercolour on Paper
  18 x 12" Framed  £SOLD 11 x 11" Framed  £SOLD
Sharing the Chores ~ Original Watercolour Oblivious to the World ~ Original Watercolour Hand in Hand ~ Original Watercolour
18 x 12" Framed  £SOLD 18 x 12" Framed  £SOLD 18 x 12" Framed  £SOLD
Downhill all the Way ~ Original A Chilly Morning ~ Original Home for the Weekend III ~ Original
10 x 10" Framed  £SOLD 15 x 15" Framed  £SOLD 20 x 10" Framed  £SOLD
Downhill Racers ~ Original Pencil Sketch Downhill Racers ~ Original Pencil Sketch The Daily Chores ~ Original
16 x 12" Framed £SOLD 16 x 12" Framed £SOLD 25 x 20" Framed Board  £SOLD

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