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Graham Short ~ The Hands of Genius

Graham Short has spent almost half a century honing his craft, going to physical and mental extremes to produce the highest-quality artefacts in the world. Graham was born in Birmingham in 1946 and after serving a six-year apprenticeship at the country's premier engraving company he set up as a one-man engraving business in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter in 1974, soon developing a client list including the Royal Household, the Scottish Parliament, The National Gallery, Rolls Royce, gunmakers James Purdey & Sons, and Vivienne Westwood. Graham's desire to produce an engraving so small as to be illegible to the naked eye led to the making of his masterpiece The Lord's Prayer Engraved on the Head of a Gold Pin, which can only be seen properly through a powerful microscope. After a national newspaper discovered Graham’s genius the demand for his work was immediate. His first fine art show was an instant sell out. For his next project Graham produced “Cutting edge”, where he engraved “Nothing is Impossible” on the sharp edge of a razor blade. As a result Graham hit instant global celebrity status. Graham has now become one of the most talented and collectible living artists in the world.

Graham has completed less than 56 pieces throughout his career making his artwork incredibly rare and highly prized

All of Graham's Pieces are supplied ready to view. They will be supplied either stand mounted or in a bespoke hand crafted oak box complete with custom made microscope and led lighting. Each piece is priced individually and is calculated based on time to complete. We are able to organise personal viewings of all his work.

Engraved Originals Currently Available by Graham ~ Click on Images to be amazed
Imagine Needles Eye

The Beginning

Engraving On top of a Silver Plectrum

Engraved on fleck of gold inside the eye of a needle Centre Dial of an Antique Compass

A Dream you dream alone is only a dream, A dream you dream together is reality ~ J Lennon

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god

Set your compass ready for life's journey, follow your hopes and dreams and never give up until you reach the brightest star

Oak Box Display £POA Oak Box Display £POA Oak Box Display £POA

Impossible I

The Heart

Original Engraving on 2mm Gold Pin

Fleck of gold inside the eye of a needle

Fleck of gold inside the eye of a needle

Arabic Calligraphy ~ Truly Stunning

Anything is possible

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

Oak Box Display £POA

Oak Box or Stand Display £POA

Oak Box or Stand Display £POA

The Pledge - The American Pledge of Allegiance

Tough Love (Truly Breathtaking)

Rhythm and Blues

Original Engraving on 2mm Gold Pin

Original Engraving on a miniature gold boxing glove Original Engraving on a Gold Treble Clef

The world's smallest engraving of the US Flag with the pledge of allegiance engraved within the stripes - stunning

I wish people would love everybody else the way they love me. It would be a better world - Muhammad Ali

Rhythm is either something you have or don't have. But when you have it you have it all over - Elvis Presley

Oak Box Display £POA Oak Box or Stand Display £POA Oak Box or Stand Display £POA

Wise Words


Original Engraving on a Gold Treble Clef


Don't judge this picture by the frame. Every man is not the same - Sir Elton John


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