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Welcome to Jennine Parker Sculpture Page

Sculpture is now widely collected across the UK, and an increasing number of contemporary artists are now producing some exciting and innovative work in three dimensions. In the midst of this trend, certain individuals stand out from the field, and one such figure is the hugely talented British sculptor Jennine Parker. The stories behind Jennine's arresting bronze figures are firmly rooted in her own life; for her, sculpture is not a new departure, but relates back to her childhood; it has given her the freedom to express her personal experience as she explains:

Many of my ideas seem to materialise from nowhere, yet I know the seeds are sown (and worked on subconsciously) by experiences I encounter daily, people I meet or places I visit, indeed from all aspects of the world around me from past and present. Inspiration from natural weathered erosion for instance offers a contrasting juxtaposition of smooth to textured surfaces, encouraging sensitivity to texture and form. Interesting shapes and lines are created in the natural world wherever you look and from every angle.

Purity Divine Empathy Prosperity
Glass Edition Size 195 Glass Edition Size 195 Glass Edition Size 195 Glass Edition Size 195
Image Size 5 x 13" 425 Image Size 5 x 13" 425 Image Size 5 x 14" 425 Image Size 8 x 19" 895
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