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Welcome to Jimi Hendrix Artwork Page
Jimi Hendrix is revered the world over as a rock legend, a groundbreaking performer, an inspired lyricist and an all round wild child, but this 20th century icon had yet another string to his creative bow that is a lot less well known. This autumn we are proud to present the Jimi Hendrix premier international collection of artworks, a series of water colour visions that give us a new insight into the creative mind of the man we thought we knew. Jimi grew up in a small town outside Seattle in the 1950s. His youth was spent playing sport, going to the coast and being in and amongst nature. Anyone familiar with his songs will know the inferences relating to the Pacific Northwest with its dramatic landscape and uncertain weather, and these were both things that impacted on his sense of the world and informed his creative genius both in terms of music and art.
Gypsy Eyes Voodoo Child Rainy Day Dream Away House Burning Down
Paper Edition Size 295 Paper Edition Size 295 Paper Edition Size 295 Paper Edition Size 295
Size 12 x 16" 225 Size 12 x 16" 225 Size 12 x 22" 295 Size 12 x 22" 295
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