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Welcome to Namazbek Chekirov Original Artwork Page



Namazbek Chekirov was born on February 6th, 1979 in the former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan. As a child he was fascinated and inspired by paintings of cities, landscapes and nature. Namazbek attended the State Art Academy in Kyrgyzstan from 1997 to 2001. His paintings offer the observer an extraordinary impression filled with true interpretations of originality. The remarkable visual attraction and subtleties found in his paintings capture the essence of time standing still. In 2002 Namazbek moved to Germany, where he continues to live and work today, alongside his artistically acclaimed brother Talantbek Chekirov.Namazbek Chekirov consistently exhibits his works in several renowned galleries in Europe and the United States.

  Neon City  
  Original Oil on Canvas  
Image Size 100 x 100cm 1849
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