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Welcome to Simon Kenny Original Artwork Page

Dramatic, atmospheric and totally captivating, Simon Kenny’s abstract paintings are internationally recognized and truly dynamic. Born in Dublin Ireland, Simon discovered his love for art from an early age. His style of painting, known as ‘lyrical abstraction’ encompasses paced brush and palette knife work, subtle underpainting and graduating alterations in colour. His paintings are deliberately not specific to any place or time, as Simons aim is for the viewer to develop and build their own personal connections with each piece. Whether his images remind you of somewhere you have actually seen, or invoke a particular emotion or memory, he aims to balance both a sense of materialism and spiritualism through this abstraction. Indeed, as he starts on a new painting, Simon himself begins on a journey through a host of emotions, which are carefully considered and expressed through both colour and form, offering the viewer a direct visual connection to his mind set.

Original Glazed Box Canvas 48 x 36 £SOLD
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