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Welcome to Todd White Artwork Page
Todd White's stylish and distinctive figurative artwork has won him an international reputation that keeps on growing. His paintings captivate people, often invoking laughter and always demanding repeated viewings. By revealing his subjects' innermost feelings, he creates timeless scenes of attraction and intimacy. Beneath the exaggerated features and textured skin of his characters there is a truth that we can all recognise - both theirs and ours. Born in 1969 in Texas, he Todd relocated to Hollywood in his twenties and worked in animation, developing characters at some of the most renowned production studios in the country. He was even part of the lead team for the international hit cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants. During this period Todd started to forge his artistic style by experimenting with colours and concepts. He eventually arrived at the working method that now guides him through every piece. He always names his pieces first, visualises faces and personalities, then develops each person's story. In fact, he doesn't paint at all until he can conceptually see that story in his head. And he always tells it as directly as possible - what isn't necessary to the story does not go on the canvas.
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Colourful Keys Without Demons and Doubts Spirit of the Chase Gentleman Jacks, Top Totty
Canvas Edition Size 135 Canvas Edition Size 135 Canvas Edition Size 135 Canvas Edition Size 135
Image Size 20 x 40" £1625 Image Size 20 x 30" £1295 Image Size 18 x 32" £1249 Image Size 36 x 23" £1249
Her Satisfied Place If you knew Heartbreak was coming Girly Drinks My Favourite Three Words
Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195 Canvas Edition Size 195
Image Size 20 x 30" £SOLD OUT Image Size 28 x 16" £SOLD OUT Image Size 10 x 14" £SOLD OUT Image Size 10 x 14" £SOLD OUT
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