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Welcome to Mackenzie Thorpe Artwork Page  - Local Artist Amazing Talent

Mackenzie was born in 1956, the eldest of seven children. His early years were spent in a small terraced house in the town centre of Middlesbrough. Mackenzie acknowledges mixed emotions about this period in his life. His early formative years were spent playing in and around the streets and back alleys of terraced houses. Derelict bombed out houses provided an exciting playground for Mackenzie and his Uncle Lawrence – three years older and a protective, guiding influence in Mackenzie’s life. He remembers the strong feeling of community spirit, the strength of individual characters, the warmth and humour that flourished in the face of adversity, in the most unlikely of settings. He has also not forgotten the loneliness and isolation, the fear and the darkness that was ever present, waiting it seemed in every shadow. The vivid reality of these barely faded memories is apparent in some of Mackenzie’s works.

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Family I Love You Too Fastest Car in the World
Edition Size 95 Edition Size 295 Edition Size 75
Image Size 28 x 26" £1495 Framed Image Size 15 x 15" £495 Framed Image Size 42 x 27" £1495 Framed
Big Red Morning Snow It's only a Bee
Edition Size 75 Edition Size 295 Edition Size 295
Image Size 42 x 27" £1495 Framed Image Size 20 x 22" £595 Framed Image Size 24 x 13" £525 Framed
Sheep Sleeping With Child Sleeping Bear Dunes
Lithograph Edition Size 850 Lithograph Edition Size Artist Proof Lithograph Edition Size 850
Image Size 16 x 11" £549 Framed Image Size 12 x 12" £495 Framed Image Size 28 x 17" £695 Framed
Love Seated Having a Rest Secret Garden
Paper Edition Size 375 Lithograph Edition Size 850 Paper Edition Size 395
Image Size 27 x 27" £1495 Framed Image Size 12 x 13" £495 Framed Image Size 29 x 31" £895 Framed
Love, Life, Death and Hope Portfolio  - Silkscreen Prints Image Size 23 x 23"  - All 4 Pieces £1900 Framed  
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